3 Step self-care routine for a busy lifestyle

Updated: Feb 12

I would say the term SELF-CARE came in hot in 2019 and has continued right on into the new year! But, what does self-care mean to you? I asked a few of my clients to give me their definition:

-"Taking time for myself and doing the things I love to do."

-"Getting my nails done, getting a massage and reading a good book."

Mine would have to be, "A good leg workout, a quiet bath with candles and washing my hair all in peace!" No, seriously! As a mom of two my workouts are rushed and squeezed into whatever free minutes I can get in the day, my hair is pretty much dirty and in a top knot every single day and my showers are short lol. I know you feel me on this one! But back to the point. No matter who you are or how busy your life can get, self-care means taking the time out to do things you love and that make you feel good and like yourself! We are all guilty of getting caught up with work, school, kids, and commitments but incorporating just a few minutes here and there during the week can really make a huge difference in how you feel.

Try the following things to incorporate a little self-care into your busy life:

- Wake up 15 mins early and spend that time journaling, expressing gratitude, drinking your cup of coffee in peace (one of my personal fav things to do!), or praying; whatever it is that gets you going and can set a positive tone for the day! Starting your day with gratitude and thankfulness is a sure fire way to make your day great. I personally use the Daily Devotion app in the mornings as a great way to start my day :)

- Take it outdoors and get moving! Whether you are a mom, a busy student or work a high demanding job, taking yourself outdoors for even a few minutes each day is a doable way to sneak exercise into your day in order to increase those feel good endorphins! A walk, bike ride or even a swim in the summer is a great way to make yourself feel good and boost your confidence! If you aren't sure about where to start in terms of exercise and fitting it into your schedule, then stay tuned for the launch of my Busy Woman Workout Program. I teach you how to get a super effective workout done in 10 minutes. You heard that right....10 minutes and that's it!

- Listen to music or a podcast while in the car or around your home! Music has been proven to reduce anxiety and boost happiness. A happier mood in turn has been linked to higher satisfaction in relationships, better physical health, and even higher income. Say whhhhaaatttt!?!? I love using Spotify for music and podcasts.

As you can see, there is a link between these 3 things. A common denominator if you will; and that is happiness. In order to start loving and caring for yourself more, you have to start doing more of the things that make you HAPPY!

I'd love to hear some of your self-care routines and tips! Leave them below in the comments <3

Megan xoxo


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